Composite Doors Peterborough

Your composite front door is not only the entrance to your home, but is also the face of your property. The first thing that anyone will see when they arrive at your home is your front door. The last thing that you will notice when leaving for work, is that front door.

This is why we offer the composite doors in Peterborough to suit any property. Our composite doors are stunningly in design, extremely thermally efficient. These stunning door frames will also match our range of windows.

These composite doors offer the attendance  of the original wooden front door, combined with modern thermal efficiency, performance  and security, which is required in modern day living. We offer the widest range of door designs in Peterborough, allowing you welcome guests to your Peterborough home in style. Our composite doors are not just beautiful in design, but extremely affordable as well!

composite front doors Peterborough

Composite Front Doors Peterborough

Our Composite front doors will enhance the exquisiteness of your property. Why settle with a boring door, when you can choose one of our stunning composite front door from our huge collection. Our composite doors will really set a statement of elegance and sophistication to your home. To supplement our doors we also offer a massive range of contemporary furniture, which will transform even a boring door into an exceptional looking feature.

We offer various handles to choose from such as: Long Bar handle suite, ultra-modern Square suite, elegant Bow handle suite, or even the timeless Classic suite.

Composite Back Doors Peterborough

Most homeowner will spend less money on their composite back door than their front door, typically as this back door is not seen as often, and so appears to be less important. In regards to home security the back door is even more important for then the front door as a burglar will target the back door as it is out of sight, which will allow them more time to break in.

This is why we offer composite back doors with high security locking mechanisms, which will truly keep any burglar away. Choose a composite back door from our huge stunning collection, this will ensure the safety of your family and possessions.

composite back doors Peterborough

Energy Efficient Composite Doors

All of our composite doors offer up to six times the insulation value of the traditional front doors. Composite doors show the look of the traditional wooden door, while maintaining supreme thermal performance, this is why the composite doors are a popular choice throughout Peterborough.

Whether you live in the rural outskirts of Peterborough, or within Peterborough city itself, the composite door will promise low maintenance, producing outstanding energy efficiency, while   ensuring maximum security to your home.

If you are looking for replacement front doors, while adding some character to your property, ACE – Home Improvements, has the perfect solution for you!