Conservatories Peterborough

The Benefits of a modern Conservatory

Our conservatories are extremely modern which have been expertly designed to ensure that they will keep you warmer in the winter period while cooler in the summer. Our glass is specially premeditated to reflect sun rays away, which aids on keeping the room cooler. Meanwhile heat is reflected back into the room via a special coating within the glass, which maintains room temperature during the winter months. To enhance the glazing efficiency, there is an air cap between each pane of glass, which is Argon gas filled, which prevents cold air entering your conservatory, reducing energy bills, meaning that you will require less radiators or conservatory heaters, to heat up your conservatory.

Conservatory Styles

Our conservatories are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, each conservatory is designed with full consideration of your property type. This ensures that your conservatory will not only look good, but feel right too, based on your Peterborough home. All conservatories are fully bespoke in design, your conservatory area will be measured, designed using our innovated CAD conservatory software, then manufactured and installed to the highest standards.

Though each conservatory is bespoke in design, we generally use a configuration of the general conservatory styles list below.