Many Peterborough home owners neglect their garage space and other parts of their property. Garages can be converted into so many fantastic opportunities such as a home gym, office, playroom for the kids, also games rooms. Additional living space can easily but supplemented with a garage conversion.

We are contacted by many Peterborough, Market Deeping and Deeping St James residence asking for ideas on garage conversions. They are also unaware how cheap it is to convert a garage into a living space compared to an extension.

This is why we have put together ideas and solutions on what a garage can be converted into.

How much does it cost to convert a garage?

Depending on what you are converting your garage into will have a huge impact on the price. Prior to working out any costings you must make sure that your garage foundations and roof is in good condition. This is a necessity before the actual work commences.

Planning your garage conversion

Before you plan the layout for your garage conversion make sure you have a realistic budget. Has your garage a large pitched roof and could you make best use of the eaves by converting this roof into an additional living space. By knocking down a wall could you increase the kitchen into a huge room or even enhance your living-room space?

Whatever your intensions are, always make sure that you have the funds to cover the garage conversion.

Make an impact with New Design Double Glazed windows

When a garage is part of the main house structure it is very difficult to make an impact on the property except for the size and design of the window. Most garage conversions have a window installed will mimics the shape and size of the current windows within the house. However, if you are lucky enough to have a free-standing garage, why not extend your window opening into a bay window. This additional glass will enhance the natural light within the conversion.

Convert your garage into an office

If your aim is to convert your garage into a cost-effective project then why not convert this garage into something that will return money back into your pocket.

If you are converting your garage into a home office then you can claim back some of this initial cost. Otherwise, if you are using this conversion to make crafts or online sales for example, then this garage conversion is a no brainer.

Create a separate room with a detached garage conversion

To convert a garage without doubt will increase the overall footprint of a property, not forgetting the value also the curb appeal.

With a detached garage however, this can be transformed into something much greater. A free standing or a detached garage can be transformed into repurposed building.

Family Suite

For those with family members that often stay, why not convert this detached garage into a guest suite.  By adding large sliding patio doors or a bifold door, also an additional bathroom, this would offer a lovely living space for members of your family to stay.

Multi-purpose home theatre or playroom

There is nothing cooler than converting a disused detached garage into a home theatre. This is an ideal solution to allow your kids to have their own space which is typically important when they have their friends over.

If you are a childminder why not convert your garage into a playroom which will separate your home space with your working environment.

Convert your garage into a games room or bar

For those why like to entertain there is no better way than to have your own home bar. By simply adding screeded walls, new flooring and lighting, this could be easily transformed into either a bar or cocktail bar.

There is no better way to entertain family and friends than to install a large TV and a pool table into this conversion which will keep everyone entertained.

Kitchen extension into a garage conversion

By simply knocking down a wall from a kitchen into a disused garage could double the size of your kitchen area. A modern approach to new style kitchens is to combine the kitchen with a sitting area. Most households spend their time within the kitchen. So, by opening up the kitchen into the garage area could simply double the combined area. A small kitchen could be easily converted into a grand luxury kitchen.

Without going for a large expensive extension onto your property most households would struggle to find enough space within their kitchen to hold a sitting area as well as a fully functional kitchen.

However, a garage conversion can do just this without costing an arm and a leg. By merely keeping the same structural basis and converting what you have will keep the cost down significantly.

Additional electrics, plumbing and plastering will be required, but it will be worth it to have a dream kitchen.

House Renovations Peterborough

Are you looking to renovate your whole property? If so, here is an idea.

House renovations and home improvements can be quite daunting. Home Improvements costs can easily spiral out of control. Home Improvements can be extremely expensive and with the possibility of your house structure being damaged if done incorrectly. Not forgetting your whole budget blown if not properly monitored.

The simple solution is to employ Ace Home Improvements. We have a track record for garage conversions and renovations throughout Peterborough. We will provide you a price for your garage conversion taking all aspects into account. There will be no extra cost at the end, this allows your garage conversion or renovation to be easily budgeted for.

If you would like to know more about garage conversion prices or ideas on how to convert your home into a beautiful living space, then contact

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