Why purchase a Bi-fold door?

Are you considering purchasing a new sliding door but not sure which one to buy for your Peterborough home? Then Ace Windows and Doors have put together a few reasons why you might want to invest in the bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors have an extremely modern appeal whilst offering a beautiful sleek design. This in itself is probably why bi-folding doors are increasing popular for homes throughout Peterborough, Stamford, Huntingdon and Spalding areas.

These stunning bifold doors are extremely conspicuous, creating the most modern look presenting the ‘wow factor’ to any Peterborough home. These doors offer a foldable solution to open up your room whether it’s a kitchen or family room. With the large glass openings maximises the amount of natural light into your room, whilst offer more space.

Many of our Peterborough customers often ask us which type of sliding door would be best. Also is it worth investing in a bi-fold door? So we have put together many reasons why you should firstly consider purchasing a bi-fold doors. Secondly why you should consider Ace-windows and doors!

Bi-fold Doors bring the outside into your home

Image if you could completely remove a wall for one of your rooms such as kitchen or family room. This additional space and fresh air can be easily be created by purchasing bi-fold doors. Floods of fresh air and natural light will enter your room when these wonderful bi-fold doors are fully opened.

Why not remove that wall which limits light from entering your room then replace with a beautiful uPVC bi-fold door or aluminium bi-fold door. This will remove that barrier between your home and your garden providing a seamless stunning view. If you have an attractive garden then why not share this view. By installing one of our sliding doors will allow you to enjoy that outstanding view from the comfort of your own home.

Bi-fold doors are ideal for garden parties as your outside garden table and barbecue will become increasing popular during the spring and summer periods. This barrier between your home and garden will be removed allowing you home to become an extended party room.

When you open up that previous wall with one of our large opening glass bi-fold doors. This will flood your room with natural light whilst displaying a bright wonderful atmosphere.

Personalise your very own Bi-fold door

All of our uPVC or aluminium bi-fold doors are completely bespoke. They are all made here in the UK so there will be no issues when we leave the EU. All sizes and designs will be completely customised to your requirements. We can manufacture a wide range of openings not forgetting over 200 RAL colours. You can be reassured, that these bi-fold doors will be completely bespoke to your Peterborough home.

No matter if you have a large room or not, we can easily customise the bi-fold door and type of glazing to suit any style home. With a huge range of colours and features to personalise anyone’s home.

UPVC colours range from Chartwell Green to Rosewood or why not try our modern sleek black with stunning wood grain foils. Whatever your desire, we have the perfect bi-folding door for you!

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Many homeowners are concerned regarding the energy efficiency of the bi-fold doors due to the large glass regions. Bi-fold doors are extremely thermally efficient especially compared to other sliding doors such as the patio doors, as they eliminate unwanted draughts.

These stunning bi-fold doors are available in either double glazing or triple glazing options. By replacing your existing patio door for one of our bi-folding door will increase the overall energy efficiency of your Peterborough home. This in itself will safe you lots of money as your heating bills will be reduced.

Not only does a bi-fold door offer many opening options. But they offer increased ventilation compared to patio doors as they only have one opening door. So bi-fold doors don’t just look outstanding, but offer many additional qualities as well.

Increased Security with a Bi-fold Door

You many think that bi-fold doors due to their wall-to-wall glass doorway that they will be easy to break through. This is incorrect as the bi-fold doors actually increase home security. Each door is designed with its only individual locking mechanism. As each door is locked with their multi-point locking mechanism the doors which are connected to either wall are also deadlocked, preventing any movement at all. Bi-fold doors are the most robust and secure sliding doors on the market. Security can be enhanced even more if you upgrade from UPVC to Aluminium.

Low Maintenance

All of our uPVC bi-folding doors are made from maintenance-free materials which means that there is no need to paint it. These bi-folding doors will not rot, rust or even corrode. All these doors require is a quick wipe down whether it’s an uPVC or aluminium bi-fold door!

Bi-fold doors will add Value to Your Property

No other door can be compared to these sleek beautiful and stylish bi-fold doors. No other door can create a seamless view bringing the outside garden into your home. Sliding doors also offer a more sophisticated look which are popular amongst potential buyers.

Our top quality bi-fold doors are not cheap and can be substantially greater than patio doors and French doors. However, these stunning doors do add value to your Peterborough property. These doors will be a great investment with many additional benefits as well.

To summarise, bi-fold doors are extremely durable, stylish and cost effective. If you are considering purchasing a new sliding door but you are looking for the most modern sleek look. Then purchasing a bespoke bi-fold door from ACE Home Improvements, will be the ideal solution.

Here at Ace Windows and Doors, we manufacture and install a huge range of customised bi-fold doors whether you require uPVC or Aluminium – contact us today.

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