Garage Conversion Ideas for Your Peterborough Home

If you are thinking of converting your garage, then please read on as we are sharing our best garage conversion ideas with you. If you have already an outside parking space, then converting your garage into an extra room will be a great idea as a garage conversion will add square footage to your Peterborough property.  By adding either an extra bedroom or bathroom within your garage conversion, will not only increase the value to your property, but will make you home even more appealing to potential buyers.

Within this post we will undercover our favourite garage Livingroom ideas, as well as our top ideas for single and double garages.

Garage Livingroom Ideas

Renovating an unused garage into a beautiful, comfy but functional Livingroom astronomical by simply switching your garage door for a stunning bifold door or sliding patio door!  Once we have renovated your garage conversion, the homeowner can modestly either paint the walls or add wallpaper, then add a rug to the room making it feel just like an additional Livingroom. By adding certain materials to the room will bring pliability and texture to this living space. By adding a settee and even a bar, will make this room perfect for stunning summer parties which you can invite your family and friends.

As you can see in this image the garage was slightly offset to the rear room in the house. The house wall was removed and cladding was placed on the walls and ceiling, with a natural wooden floor beams, creating a modern country feel. The French doors and additional windows which replaced the old garage door, infiltrates natural light into this room. As you can see to the right of this image, this client has a large wooden table with wooden chairs, which complement the natural wooden look of this room. Though there are various radiators within this room, this client purchased an open fire to finish the overall country sensation.

Stunning single garage conversion into kitchen

Open Floor Conversion

If the back of your home extends out level with your garage then this renovation is perfect for you. We can remove the existing wall between the garage and your home, creating a large open plan floor area, ideal for entertaining friends. Why not extend your kitchen making good use of this enormous space perfect for a large family household. By adding large additional windows will enhance natural light in to your room, providing a bright cheerful room.

As you can see in the image, by adding additional windows and maintaining that stunning natural beam within the ceiling, creates an appealing not forgetting stunning appearance. The natural wood placed on the ceiling and on the floor, creates a sophisticated warm presence for any bedroom. This room was extended from an existing room into the garage providing a huge family room for guests. With a large bed area and modern chairs and small kitchen area, generates a room that any guest or a family member can enjoy time after time.

Large Bedroom Conversion Peterborough

Playroom Conversion

Maybe your home feels a little confined and an additional room for the kids would be beneficial. Why not convert your garage into a playroom for the children to play and this additional space is also ideal to entertain for family. This beautiful playroom can easily be painted and children friendly hard flooring can be effortlessly applied. With ceiling spotlights this playroom offers abundant lighting with a large patio or bifold door will amplify light into the room even when the doors are closed.

A supplementary playroom is a perfect solution to store children’s toys especially in overcrowded bedrooms. A child’s playroom room is a safe place for your child to play with his/her friends. Not only is a children’s playroom beneficial for storage of children’s toys, but will enhance the size of your home which is a brilliant selling influence.

Single Garage Conversion Ideas

Many single garages have ceilings which can appear to be a lot smaller and enclosed compared to natural rooms within the property. However, instead of leaving this room empty and disused, why not let our garage conversion specialists lower your flooring. This will add superfluous height into this room providing a whole new appearance. By adding supplementary windows will deliver lots of natural light within the room.

As you can see in the next image, the garage door was removed and replaced with a stunning aluminium sliding door. A further two aluminium sliding doors were placed in the previous kitchen area. The ceiling joust was placed slightly lower than ceiling level, to naturally separate the new kitchen area to the dining area. These huge aluminium sliding doors have integrated blinds presenting the most modern appearance which is also practical with small children and pet dogs.

Garage Conversion Lounge Peterborough

Double Garage Conversion Ideas

As you can see by the image this double garage was converted into an enormous living room. With two aluminium sliding doors to replace the old garage doors, provides lots of natural light into this stunning living space. This double garage conversion already had a high ceiling, we applied various modern slip lights over the sitting area which displays intricacy whilst sitting and relaxing in these modern chairs. The natural wooden flooring was separated with a light grey tiles, showing off these spectacular aluminium sliding doors. With a modern appealing chairs and a chessboard style rug, brings warmth and superiority to this room.

double garage conversion Peterborough

Converting Your Garage into an Office

Many people now work from home on a regular basis, this might get quite hectic when you’re trying to work from the kitchen table. Instead of trying to adapt with an improvised office, while you have an empty garage just waiting for our builders to convert it into an office for you. We can convert your garage into a reliable and stunning home office. As you can see in the image, we replaced the garage doors with French doors. To add elegance we fitted an ingenious light to the ceiling with a modern angled lamp to provide lighting over the sitting area. The French doors allows clients to enter this office conversion without walking through the main house area. The contemporary seating area at the end of this office and large TV fitted to the wall, allows this room to sit various clients for office meets or to be used as a surplus TV room where you can relax in the peace and quiet. You would never believe that a garage could be converted into a stunning home office.

Garage Conversion into a Home Office Peterborough

So if you have a garage which is being used as a dumping ground and you have been thinking of converting it into a modern living space, then contact us today. We can convert near enough any garage into an unrecognised living space. From an additional living room to a stunning home office we can convert it for you.

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