Reinforced structure delivers outstanding reliability

Composite doors have a core predominantly made up from a veneer, which is an extremely vigorous wood which is resistant to water damage. This guarantees a firm inner structure for the composite doors. The core is then laminated with a solid coating, this then reinforces the stout infrastructure whilst maintaining s a sturdy shape.

The composite door slab is typically 44mm thick, which is nearly twice as thick as the average uPVC door. This extra thickness of solid material, produces that extra protection against burglars. It is well known that it is possible for a thief to cut through a basic uPVC door in only a few minutes. This is why we would always recommend a composite door due to its impassable strength and thickness. This increased door thickness of a composite front door, offers reliability, strength, whilst maintaining shape and colour for many years to come.

Composite doors U-Values

U-Value is the term used whilst measuring heat loss. Composite doors have an outstanding energy efficiency value due to the thickness and materials used. As the composite doors are much wider than of an average front door, then this increased thickness provides an even better barrier against cold draughts. Composite doors are also filled with outstanding thermal insulation, which helps to reflect cold out whist retaining warm air within the home. The composite door could save you a lot of money on your heating bills whilst maintaining a warm and comfy home during the cold winter months.

All of our composite doors exceed the current Building Regulation, which came into force in 2010. Upgrading your composite door glazing to thermal glass will make your door even more energy efficient, with a U-value of 1 W/m2K. While many other door manufactures will struggle to meet the basic standard of 1.8W/m2K.

GRP skin

Composite doors have an outer layer commonly known as GRP (glass reinforced plastic). This GRP skin protects the composite door slab whilst offering protection from weathering. The GRP skin offers a realistic wooden effect to the composite door, which can be shown using a variety of different colours and finishes.

Beautifully Designed Doors

Sometimes it can be difficult chosen the correct door to match your existing windows. However, these composite are sculptured to best match our uPVC window profiles so you can guarantee a beautiful looking home. In regards to the window insulation, many poor designed front doors are only single glazed. With these composite doors the glazing regardless of how small or large the glazing are, they are all double glazed. There is even an upgraded facility to allow this glazing to be ultra-warm if required. So if you buying a replacement front door then the composite door will guarantee an outstanding energy efficiency.

Composite doors do not fade in colour.

Our composite doors will never fade or bleach like cheaper versions of composite doors or other door designs. The reason for this is simple, the colour is not applied to the outer surface. When these composite doors are manufactured, the colour is applied within the GRP. As the GRP is extremely robust and weather proofed, then there can be no deterioration of colour to the door.

Composite door furniture

The composite doors are available in a wide range of handle designs. These latest advancement in furniture are supplied and fitted to our composite doors as standard. We now offer 304-grade stainless steel which is the same product used for making sinks, this includes a 10 year guarantee against corrosion! We also offer other styles to suit any taste such as our polished gold, chrome and black finishes on all handles, letterboxes, knockers and house numbers. All internal furniture are available in the same colour however with a zinc PVD finish.

All our furniture are 100 water resistant which is equal to the GRP skins, which is quite amazing, especially for no extra charge.

Composite Door Panels

We offer a great choice of GRP side panels that will beautifully go with any of our doors and windows. There is an amazing 7 different design, in 10 diverse colours, with various glazing selections, not forgetting a choice of widths too. All composite doors panels are available with our selection of letterboxes too, which is simply astounding!

Are you now interested in a composite door?

Composite doors have been manufactured taking all previous problems from other front door fabrications had. The composite door was then reinventing as the best energy efficiency door on the markets. These doors offer a draught free environment all year round, not forgetting reliability, durability and aesthetics.

If you are looking for a replacement front door which is not just energy efficient, but stylish and will make any home look exquisite. Then contact Ace-Home Improvements for a non-obligated quote today!

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