Patio Doors Peterborough

Whether you are looking for brand new patio doors or a replacement patio doors, we offer an amazing selection for you. Patio doors are ideal if you have a large opening which are greater access into the garden.

Our patio doors are manufactured with the greatest ergonomic design. These doors are designed to provide an effortless opening with these erudite smooth motion mechanism, which provides a noiseless glide.

These patio doors are installed with our innovative multi-wheeled ‘air glide’ system, creating a perfectly balanced patio door, whilst they move along their beautiful track.

Patio Doors with Silent Motion

The patio doors are deliberated with built-in brushes to sweep away small debris whilst the doors are being opened and closed. This assists the ultra-silent action while maintaining an efficient operation every time.

With their exquisitely sculptured features and those ultra-slim sightlines, allows you to experience the maximum natural light into your room.

Our patio doors are available in a wide range of colours and hardware options, which will easily match our uPVC windows collection.

Designed for modern homes

All of our patio doors are intricately designed to combat every home and garden environment. These are ideal for the summer allowing maximum ventilation into your home, whilst easily surviving the foulest of Peterborough’s winter weather.

All working parts are thoroughly tested within a purpose built laboratory. Ensuring that the patio doors mechanical parts will continually to with-stand repeated operations, which occur in everyday living.