Aluminium Windows Peterborough

Our aluminium windows have been manufactured to provide the most luxurious window style. These ultra slim aluminium window frames ensures that your home will look sleek and sophisticated inside and outside.

Aluminium windows have been notoriously popular within the commercial properties for a considerable amount of years now. However, due to advanced aluminium technology and beautiful window designs, aluminium has now become extremely popular to homeowners too. We have noticed an accelerated increase of aluminium windows and doors to homes throughout Peterborough, Stamford and Huntington. This is purely due to their ultra slim profile which allows more light to enter a room, whilst maintaining strength, durability which will last for a considerable amount of years.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Thermal Performance

These aluminium windows are manufactured with extremely high performance qualities which exceed the energy efficiency standards. Aluminium windows will effortlessly improve heat gain and heat loss via the windows. Improvements can be an astonishing 60% compared to its rivals such as timber or even uPVC.

Aluminium Windows Reduce Carbon Footprint

Aluminium window frames can reduce nearly three times the amount of heat required to heat a home within just 12 months.

Therefore over the life time of the building the energy savings easily outweighs the cost of the aluminium windows by around 100 times. For homeowners with electric heating, the figures will be considerably more!

Aluminium Windows are extremely Durable with Low Maintenance

Aluminium windows are designed with corrosion resistant quantities which ensures a low maintenance window frame, which is resistant to all weather conditions. Other window materials may swell, crack, split or even warp, but aluminium windows have an extended product life expectancy due to these corrosion resistant qualities.

Aluminium windows can be left in its manufactured condition. However, for additional protection we recommend a decorative finish, we can also have the aluminium anodised or painted if required.

Affordable Aluminium Windows

As aluminium windows popularity has increased, this has brought down the cost for aluminium windows considerably. More and more homeowners are opting for aluminium rather than uPVC, especially within new builds.

Aluminium offers more Design Flexibility

As aluminium material is extremely robust this offers more manufacturing flexibility offering exact stipulations, meaning that your only limit is your imagination! Aluminium offers an endless range of finishes and glass options, with the ability to propose any architectural requirement, whilst delivering outstanding thermal performance.


Aluminium windows offers a huge range of finishing options that can easily match to any décor. We also offer a stunning powder coating finish ensuring that these windows will not require any additional painting. With a freedom of an unlimited selection of RAL colours, allows these windows to blend into any environment whether it’s a unique colour scheme or a metallic finish, the choice is yours!

Aluminium windows offer the ability to provide a different colour inside to outside. For example you can have a blue on the outside and a white inside.

If you require a more of a timber look then we also offer a DecoWood and Knotwood effect providing an attractive alternative to wood, but without the maintenance.