What are the benefits of upgrading your front door?

As the nights are getting darker, and the winter weather is getting colder, then there is no better time to replace your front door. If you are thinking of replacing your door whilst improving your home safety, then we have put together many reasons why it’s worth capitalising in a brand new door.

Composite door reduce energy bills

The main reason why most of our customers upgrade their front door is due to the cold draught getting into their home, so they opt for a more energy efficient door. Many old doors suffer from annoying draughts and breeze entering your home. If your door shows any signs of being out-dated and warn, then it may be time to upgrade it.

No one enjoys the cold from entering into their home, so by ensuring that you have the latest insulated doors, will ensure that you will keep the cold outside! We offer replacement front doors that are completely insulate, which will guarantee a warmer home during those frosty winter months. Our composite front doors have up to date draught strips and weather seals which will prevent rattling and water leaking under your door, this itself will save you on your energy bills.

As the cold weather emerges, then most homeowners raise their heating temperature, whilst keeping it on for longer, trying to maintain room temperature. By installing a correctly fitted insulated door (such as a composite door), will prevent the cold draughts, whilst maintaining room temperature without the need to raise the thermostat. Our replacement doors will save you money on heating bills especially during the winter period, your home will also look stunning at the same time.

Composite doors can Add value to your property.

As with most home improvements, replacement doors can be extremely attractive to potential customers, which can potentially increase the value of your home. A stunning new door can also make a really good impression to potential buyers, as first impressions can really provide a statement.

Composite doors have better security, increasing protection

As burglaries are an increase, a replacement front door can offer that added security to prevent unwanted guests. According to resent statistics, up to 72% of burglaries are via the front door, with 1 home being broken into every 10 seconds. So if your front door is old, damaged, or has poor security features, then it may be time to change your door. Older style doors hold very little security features compared to our modern composite doors. With multi-point locking mechanisms, highest security cylinders, reinforced door frames. These composite doors offer the most sophisticated security to protect any home. With all of these additional structures, you would be crazing to replace your front door.

Composite door can make your home look modern

One of the main reasons why customers choose to replace their front door is to invigorate the look of their home. Do you every get tired of walking through the same old door every day? Purchasing one of our modern composite doors will really ‘refresh’ the appearance of your home. Why not enjoy one of our stylish doors that will completely transform your home, making your household something that you will feel proud of!

Composite doors are a good investment

All of our windows and doors are made from outstanding products and hold a guarantee to show that they will last decades. All of our doors are extremely cost-effective and are manufactured from one of the best door manufacturers in the UK. So you can be reassured that when purchasing from our double glazing company, that you will only receive the highest quality and permanency. With the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) outer layer forming the perfect weather proofing, makes these doors the ideal investment. Though there are many different types of doors on the market such as steel, fibreglass also wooden doors, some of these doors require lots of maintenance unlike our composite doors which are practically maintenance free.

Personal Touch with a composite door!

When purchasing a new house, it is not often that the front door reflects your individual personality. However, by upgrading to one of our stylish composite doors, you can create a modern look that reflects your character. Whether you are looking for an aristocratic style door, or a modern door, whatever style you are looking for we have the range to suite you. Whatever the range or colour, we have the perfect door for you. We offer colours with Grains applied to offer that wooden effect, from White to Golden Oak, Chartwell Green and Dark Red, we offer huge combinations which will suit anyone’s style and colours theme. All of our composite doors can be fully bespoke including the handles, hardware and door furniture such as knockers and letterboxes.

Composite doors can reduced noise

One of the most popular reasons for upgrading your door is noise reduction, especially for those homes close to busy roads. As soon as you purchase a new composite door from our company, you will notice immediately reduced out door noise. Even with those composite doors with large glazing, all glazing are double glazed. They are also extremely durable, thick glass materials, which are designed to buffer the outside noise – providing peace and quietness within your home.

Time to purchase a new composite door!

We at Ace Home Improvements Peterborough are a passionate Double Glazing Company. We thrive in customer satisfaction, bringing the customer the latest in designs and styles of modern composite doors. We offer the most exceptional services not just in installation, but in our products and customer services as well. So if you are looking to upgrade your front door, contact us as we will be pleased to help.

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